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Mech.Game is the access portal into an exclusive player owned community based around one of the hottest gaming Genres; Mechs! 

Inside Mech.Game we are building 3 unique play-to-earn metaverse games, where players not only have fun, but also earn real rewards for playing the games in the form of cryptocurrency.

Access to these games comes in the form of 3D Mech game characters that are created as NFTs on the blockchain, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for gamers to play, own and profit from the time they spend gaming.

We believe that the the future of online gaming can be broken down into the following formula:

Our vision with MECH.GAME is to take that formula and combine it with a new wave of fun to play Mechanized Combat games that pushes aside the old “pay-to-play” model and instead brings in a new play-to-earn model that rewards players for playing the game and gives them a voice and vote in how the games and metaverse develops.

Why NFTs And What Makes This Different?

I know what you are thinking…NFTs are glorified Jpegs that people are excited over for no reason…and if that's all they were, then you’d be right. 

But, the reason why NFTs are the way of the future is because of the underlying technology and the opportunities it opens up.

Non Fungible Token technology allows you to create a tamper proof serial number and attach it to either physical or digital goods. 

This acts just like the title to your car or the deed to your house, in that it shows clear ownership of that item and it also legally distinguishes it from other similar items. Similar to the Mona Lisa or a Picasso, your Mech NFT is a One of One original, and can only be tracked back to you via that serial number.

Here’s why this is important and what this means for gaming…

In conventional games, you create a character to play the game and if you like it, you spend hours upon hours playing the game and leveling up/improving your character in the game. (For many gamers this time equates to months or even years of their life wrapped up in a game.)

But when you quit playing the game…what happens? Is there any reward? Or a way to recoup all the time you spent playing? What about the ability to take the game character you spent all those hours developing with you?

The answer is no to all of those questions. Because you do not own a traditional game character…it is part of the game and the IP of the game company. They own it, not you.

Using NFT technology MECH.GAME is quite literally…changing the game.

By creating game characters as an NFT, we can now transfer ownership of that game character to you…meaning you now OWN your game character (just the same way you own your car) and as you play that character and upgrade it and modify it…all those improvements are recorded on the blockchain under your unique NFT serial number.

This means that the NFT and blockchain show and store verifiable proof of your game character’s stats, and make it possible for you to then assign a real dollar value to it and then sell it or trade it on the various NFT marketplaces with other gamers.

Yes you read that right…you can play a game and then SELL your game character for real money(this is already being done to the tune of tens of millions of dollars per month via other games)

HandCrafted Digital Genesis Mech’s

10,000 beautifully unique 3D Mech NFTs make up the first collection of game characters that will be released into the Mech.Game Metaverse. 

Each 3D Mech NFT is completely unique with individual rarity based on the different “traits” that make up its composition.

Each mech is a fully animated and ready to go 3D game character with unique upgradable game stats that are stored in the blockchain along with a record of your ownership.

As you upgrade your Mech, those upgrades, along with your mech's rarity are recorded on the blockchain record of your NFT, which increases its value on the secondary market should you choose to sell it.

What you are seeing is an actual Goliath Mech 3D Game Character.  

This level of 3D modeling, animation and detail can be found in each and every genesis mech.

Use your mouse to move it around and see what it looks like from all angles. You can also zoom in and out to get a closer look. 

Meet The Mechs...

(click to enlarge)

Genesis Mech NFTs vs. Standard Mech NFTs

Each of these first 10,000 mechs are known as “Genesis” mechs and are even recorded as such on their blockchain record. 

All other mechs produced after this (of which there will be hundreds of thousands) will be registered as “standard” mechs

The owners of these Genesis mechs make up the earliest supporters of the project and the first players of the game. 

As such, Genesis owners are rewarded with extra perks and value as a way of saying thanks for believing in us.

In addition to the additional perks which are outlined below, Genesis mechs have improved game stats over the standard mechs as well as unique configurations, weapons, and coloring and when you combine that with the fact that there is only a small number of Genesis mechs available they are by default significantly more rare and 3x to 5x more valuable than any other mechs in the game.

This makes the Genesis Mechs one of the best ways to produce instant ROI in the crypto space.
Genesis Mech Perks...

    We have 3 games on the docket and as each comes out you will get first dibs on playing and income opportunities.
    Genesis holders will get priority whitelist access to upcoming MECH.GAME NFTS as well as partner NFT collaborations.
    In addition to the regular community channels, Genesis owners will have access to a set of private channels including secret DeFi and Crypto Coin investment channels.
    You will get access to private NFT collections that will be air dropped to all Genesis Mech holders for free. (the first drop is right after the launch sale closes)
    Genesis NFT owners are considered founders of the community and can vote on game design topics as well as what we do inside the MECH.GAME community.
    When the in-game token is released your Genesis mech will provide you with exclusive earning opportunities, staking and additional utility.

This is just a taste of some of the extra perks you will get as a genesis mech holder. More perks will be revealed after the launch and as the game progresses.

What Can I Do With My Mech NFTs?

Thanks to the NFT technology, the sky is literally the limit with what you can do with your Mech NFT and as the crypto industry continues to expand even more opportunities will open up.

With that said, there are 4 main ways you might want to use your Mech NFTs…


This should be obvious, but you can use your mechs in the various MECH.GAME games as they are released to both play the game as well as earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. 

Inside the game you will also be able to level up, upgrade and customize your mech to suit your desires.


Gamers are constantly trading items in games for things they need or want, and you can do the same thing with your mech. 

Trade straight across mech for mech with another player or sweeten the deal by trading more than one mech to get a rarer or more highly upgraded mech from another player.


Think about this like car rentals, where you are the rental company, but instead of renting out the car, you are renting out your mechs to other players who may not have mechs of their own. 

You can charge either a flat fee for a certain amount of time, or the more popular option is to split the crypto currency rewards with the player…for example the player gets 60% and you as the owner of the mech get 40% of the cryptocurrency payouts earned from playing the game. 

 This process is all handled inside the game through an internal system…can you say “passive income”!


Since you own the mech NFT at any time you can list it for sale on one of the NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or on the internal game marketplace for sale. You set the price and when it sells the money goes straight to you. 

Naturally the more rare and/or upgraded the mech is, the more valuable it is and the higher the price you can charge. (Fun Fact: NFT flippers make upwards of 300% to 500% flipping game nfts on opensea)

Those are the ”main" uses for most people, but you could also use your mech in other metaverses like Decentraland…imagine walking down the street through a residential neighborhood IN YOUR MECH. Or what about importing your mech into your Oculus or other VR/AR devices to have even more fun.

Can I Buy More Than One?

Short answer…yes you can.

Why would want more than one mech? each mech has unique stats and abilities and different mechs will perform differently in each level of the game.

So, gamers might want to have a variety of mechs to be able to mix and match depending on what game or level they are playing. 

For example, let's say in a certain level you need a stronger mech with more firepower, you could use the Goliath Mech, or you need a faster mech that can cover more ground quickly, you could then use your Stalker or Dragoon mech.

Additionally, many people are looking at NFTs and NFt Gaming as a way to make money and generate a profit.

And if thats the case whether you are playing, renting or selling it makes sense to have more than one mech.

My rule of thumb is get at least 3…then you can play one for fun, rent one for passive income, and flip one for immediate profit.

But if you can only afford one mech, that's ok too. You can still take advantage of the games and all they have to offer.

Every Mech You Buy Helps
Save A Child From Sex Slavery!

Making a difference and giving back is a core belief with the team at MECH.GAME and we will make sizable charity donations to Operation Underground Railroad throughout the year.

This organization was created to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Our Founder, Tanner has been supporting Operation Underground Railroad for years and to-date they've saved thousands of children in 28 countries and 26 U.S. states.

Our first donation will occur immediately after the Genesis NFT collection sells out.

When you purchase a MECH.GAME Genesis NFT and/or play a game on MECH.GAME, you will be directly contributing to helping save these children.

Win 1 Of 13 Legendary Genesis Mech’s

Each of the 10,000 Genesis mechs are created using AI and advanced software to produce completely unique mech NFTs.

However, to make things more exciting and to create what's called an “easter egg” in a video game we had our 3d artists create 13 one-of-one Mechs by hand without using any AI at all to create what we call a “legendary” mech.

Below you will see two mechs both of them are the "Guardian" model, but the one on the left is a AI generated Genesis mech and the one on the right is a 1-of-1 Legendary mech.

Genesis Goliath Mech

Legendary Genesis Goliath Mech

These Legendary mechs will be randomly distributed among the Genesis collection and you and every other Genesis NFT owner will have an equal chance at having one of these legendary mechs sent to you after the launch is complete.

Less Than 3,000 of the 10,000 Mechs
Are Available.

Over 7,000 of the Genesis mechs have already been reserved by existing members of the community, gaming guilds, and investors.

Meaning that at the time of writing this, there are less than 3,000 of the Genesis mechs still available…which is crazy when you consider our official Public launch hasn't even happened yet

Most buyers have been purchasing 5+ genesis mechs due to the general consensus in the Mech.Game discord community that the average flip price for a genesis mech will be over 2 ETH!!! (2 ETH converted to USD = $6,109.98)

But don't worry, you wont be paying anywhere close to 2 eth ($6,000) for your mech(s).

In fact, when you take advantage of the Preorder pricing, you'll actually pay less than the public launch price.

Take Advantage Of Preorder Pricing
And Save Over $100 Per Mech!

Retail price of a Genesis Mech is $650 (including gas/transaction fee).

Right now as part of this preorder special offer you can get your Genesis mech for only $550 and we’ll cover the transaction fee to send the mech to you.

Limited Quantity Available - Order Now!

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Save $100 Off Each Mech NFT When You Preorder Today!

Important Note: If you miss this presale, the only way to acquire a genesis mech in the future, will be on the secondary market, where you will be forced to pay 3x to 5x more to buy one from a early investor.


When You Preorder Today,
You Will Also Receive The Following Bonuses:


This is a live zoom style training where our team will take you through the basics of understanding and getting comfortable with Cryptocurrencies.  Then we will teach you all the things you need to know to in order to participate in the various crypto opportunities (we will also show you in step-by-step detail how to do everything).


This live zoom style bootcamp will consist of multiple trainings that will educate you on the various ways to participate in and profit from Blockchain gaming, NFTs, game tokens, renting and more. All taught in step-by-step fashion and will show you exactly how to get the most bang for your buck out of your Mech.Game Genesis NFTs!

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This Is Your Chance To Get In On The Ground Floor!
Limited Quantity Available - Order Now!

When You Preorder Today, You Will Receive:


Save $100 Off Each Mech NFT When You Preorder Today!

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